venerdì 11 giugno 2010

4 pagine su DPI MAGAZINE

Nel numero di Giugno di Dpi magazine (rivista di riferimento in oriente per grafica, design, illustrazione, edita in Taiwan) c'è uno speciale su Bologna Fairyland. Al mio lavoro sono dedicate queste quattro pagine.
ecco il breve testo che le accompagna:

Philosophy of art :

I don’t like to think illustration as something just dedicated to children

or to be considered just an illustrator for children. I like to think of

myself simply as a creator of images. I think that an illustrator should,

create illustrations with the right visual approach, using a technique

and a language to suit the context in which he operates. I love to

change depending on whether I find myself in front of a magazine of

psychology rather then politics or a children's book. I can’t be forced

to a same unique way of painting illustrations. Every new project is

something original and must be dealt in a personal way. I think an

important thing is to have a good visual culture.

A password to “Childhood Fairyland” :

“Do dark, lie down on the bed, close your eyes and go to the doze;

Ok, you're ready for takeoff ...”

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